Many large companies use an oversees workforce to reduce costs and increase efficiencies. RTC will assist you in setting up an office in a foreign country that than can be used as part of a company’s strategic advantage. Offshoring an office will allow for your company to reduce costs for strategic positions, lower turnover on employees, and hire highly qualified individuals. When this office is set-up your company will control this location and can grow it as your business needs evolve.  

Reduce Costs

The average customer service representative in the United States makes a salary of $35,000 a year. However, the total cost of that employee realistically is going to be $50,000 after you pay payroll taxes, health insurance and all other associated costs. RTC can help you fill that position for $8,000 to $13,000 a year all-in. The purpose of this program is not to outsource all your customer service oversees but to use this labor force as a low-cost solution for strategic positions that are easily offshored. This theoretical customer service individual may build all of your loads, schedule all of your appointments, answer all tracking and tracing requests, among other responsibilities. They will work off the same system you currently have and use the same phone number you are already using. To the outside world it will look as if this employee is sitting in the office next to everyone else.  They would be part of your stateside team and will help create a more efficient and cost-effective department.

Lower Turnover on Employees

The positions we would outsource are often on the lower end of your pay scale and can have a higher rate of turnover; employee turnover in these positions can affect operations, but the business also cannot justify paying them more just to reduce turnover. By outsourcing these employees, RTC can help drastically reduce turnover on these positions. A company can pay these employees above market salaries in their countries which greatly increases retention.

Qualified Employees

Due to the salary a company will be paying this oversees workforce it can afford to hire almost all college graduates. This will allow for a company to have a well-educated workforce in positions that normally, due to financial concerns, must hire whoever it can to fill those roles. This educated workforce on average will be more dependable, easier to train, and will be a big part of growing your business.