Operations Consulting

Operations Consulting

Reyburn Transportation Consulting (RTC) aims to assist your company in evaluating its current operations to find unique solutions to challenging problems. This will include training, growth strategies, restructuring personnel, and key performance indicators. The end goal of this strategic consulting partnership between RTC and your company is to improve customer service, recruit and retain drivers, and improve the bottom line.


Growth of personnel is a key area in which RTC can work with you to create a stronger company. People are the biggest asset to any given company. Making sure we look at the current staff and understand what their strengths and weaknesses are will be important to long-term success. We will work with staff to expand their knowledge of the industry, ensure they understand the wants and needs of their customers/drivers, provide them with a better understanding of the importance of their role and how that plays into building your company, and then give them approaches to create better performance within said role.

Restructuring Personnel

Restructuring a company can have extreme benefits, especially when it comes to developing a more efficient operations department. When we create this split of responsibilities it is important to create strong job descriptions along with reporting metrics for accountability purposes.

Growth Strategies

As a trucking company grows, it will be important to make the right hires at the right time so there is not stagnation within the company, or even worse, a backwards slide. Working with management, RTC can develop a hiring timeline of personnel that will allow for steady and sustainable growth.

Key Performance Indicators

Data is the most important information for a trucking company to use in order to make the correct decision. In the transportation industry it is easy to get caught up in gut feelings or emotional decisions, but the numbers will paint a much clearer picture. RTC will work on reporting on multiple levels.